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Air Con Service

Keep chilled this summer

Over 85% of cars are now fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard. Not everyone realises that their car air conditioning system needs regular servicing and re-gassing to make sure it operates efficiently.

Modern car & van air conditioning systems use a compressor to compress a refrigerant gas and a pump to move the gas through the air conditioning pipes. Over time the gas gradually escapes the system resulting in no cold air from the car's interior vents. This is why your car's air conditioning system needs regassing Call today to book this service.


Dashboard warning light on ?....

At East Midlands Service Centre  we continuously invest in the latest diagnostics and service tools enabling us to offer the most in-depth and widest range of service. Our current range of diagnostic tools are fully licenced & ON-LINE with vehicle manufactures (where available) to enable us to provide full dealer level facilities. Call today for your Free Diagnostics test.


Be safe stay legal....

You should not underestimate the importance of good tyres. They are the only contact between you and the road. Each tyre touches the road surface on an area that is approximately the size of a postcard.

Make sure you keep them in top-notch condition and seek advice when you have a question. East Midlands Service Centre can source and fit quality tyres at great prices. call us today.....


Free re-tests....

we work with fully trained technicians to help ensure that your car is carefully inspected to remain safe on the road. Our team will guide you through the process of obtaining a new car MOT and, should it fail, we’ll give you an accurate assessment of what’s needed to ensure it passes. Our technicians can perform any work necessary to ensure your car meets the MOT requirements, and you will be given a quotation prior to any work commencing.

Don’t forget that all cars, after three years of their original registration date, require a car MOT by law. You can MOT your car one month before your current certificate expires and the balance will be added to your new document.

To book an MOT, call us today.

Service and Repairs

Keeping you on the road....

The importance of getting regular car servicing cannot be stressed enough. Whether it's a new or used car it must be serviced at regular intervals. Regardless of the make or sophistication level of the car, servicing it at regular intervals is essential.  From changing simple parts like the air and oil filters, to more elaborate parts like timing belts, need to be replaced during the life of a car. By getting regular car servicing and inspections done, the life of a car increases. Knowing that the car is serviced regularly greatly reduces the risk of suffering a major car breakdown and paying for costly repairs. Whatever you need we can help.